What We Do

Peripheral Arts is a regionally based arts company run by Nycole Prowse. The core team at Peripheral Arts have a strong belief that everyone has a story, and from the foundations of storytelling we create collaborative, engaging creative arts projects and productions for venues and festivals with a focus on artist-led initiatives and high quality production.  This work complements our community story crafting workshop programs, designed to enable the location and expression of stories to foster connection with our selves, our communities and the places we live.

Our Team

Dr Nycole Prowse PhD, MPHIL, BA (Honours), Grad Cert TSL 

Founder and Director

Dr Nycole Prowse PhD, MPHIL,

BA (Honours), Grad Cert TSL 

Founder and Co-Director

Nyc is a poet, producer, director, playwright, author, educator and feminist scholar whom founded Peripheral Arts in 2016 upon completion of her PhD in Literature. Her current creative works include the musical Alice Dorothy and Wendy and the one-woman immersive theatre piece, Stuff. Nyc is a co-producer in the collaboration, The Bunker Spoken Word – a quarterly poetry and storytelling event series and competition delivered in partnership with Horizon Festival and is the primary facilitator of Peripheral Arts’ community story-crafting projects. Nyc has taught English and Literature at tertiary level worldwide and is published widely in the area of literary representations of gender, space and the body. She is editor of multidisciplinary anthology Intervening Spaces (Brill) and the author of Heroin(e) Habits: Potential and Possibility in Female Drug Literature (Glyphi).

Appointments include – Co-Festival Director of the Anywhere Festival (Sunshine Coast), RADF assessor (Sunshine Coast Council). She teaches into the Literature Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Nyc is a visionary who has a steadfast belief in the power of story to change lives and indeed the world.

Toni Wills MCA, LLB, BA 

Toni is a writer, producer, director and community educator. Her first play, Piano Forte explored elder abuse within families and toured Sunshine Coast theatres in 2016. It is now used as an educational tool in the community legal sector across Queensland and New South Wales. She wrote, produced and co-directed the filmed web series, Grandparents as Parents for Suncoast Community Legal Service and Legal Aid Queensland and she is currently working on the creative development of one woman play, Stuff

Toni is one of the co-producers of The Bunker Spoken Word series in partnership with Horizon Festival and has previously been creative producer of Back to the Crossroads and Play in a Day, a teen writing and performance workshop program. Her appointments include Co-Festival Director of the Anywhere Festival (Sunshine Coast/Noosa) and RADF Committee Member (Noosa Council). Toni is the one who asks questions, demands more spreadsheets are used and gets the job done!

Our Networks

Our team are connected to and work collaboratively with key local, national and international artists, musicians, poets, composers, performers and storytellers and a range of affiliate organisations and partners including Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, Anywhere Festival, University of the Sunshine Coast, Horizon Festival, Arts Queensland, Sunshine Coast Pente Poets, Sunshine Coast Environment Council, Old Ambulance Station & Black Box Theatre, Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council, the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance and many more…